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Travel guide for the city of Istanbul where Europe and Asia meet
(restaurants, cafes, bars, museums and attractions, transportation tips, history and events in Istanbul)

     I designed "All About Istanbul", to share knowledge with people who like to know more about different places around the world, to help those who are about to plan their visits to Istanbul, or who are already there and want to make the most out of their visits. Since I am from Istanbul, I found it as a fascinating, vibrant city where ultra-modern and old features and life styles co-exist from old crumbling buildings to skyscrapers. What I also like about Istanbul is, it is never static but full of action and in every corner one can come face to face with some events. So if you are type of a person who would expect things to happen in the same way everyday, it is definitely not a place for you.

    In "All about Istanbul" section, I will be telling you about the museums and other attractions, best restaurants, cafes and bars that I know of in the city, and information about the events of the month. You will also find  plenty of pictures, "best of the web" links about related sites, together with some vital tips & notes you should be aware of. Some history and recipes of Turkish food & drinks can as well be found for those who are interested.

    As the information on these subjects are immense and I give so much importance to details, All about Istanbul will be completed gradually. The existing information will be updated regularly as well; like the events of the month. So be patience and check back from time to time. Alternatively you may choose to join my E-mail List to receive an automatic e-mail every time the pages are update on this site. To join now click here !

    While every effort has been made to make this web site as complete and as accurate as possible, contents should only be used as a general guide and not as an original source of information. Comments, suggestions or corrections relating to possible errors in terms of content would be much appreciated. The author shall have neither liability nor responsibility to any person or entity with respect to any loss or damage caused, or alleged to be caused, directly or indirectly by the information contained in this web site.

Hope you'll enjoy my work,

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